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A little about me !!!

Hey everyone I wanted to give you a little run down about myself.

Born and raised in Cleveland Ohio July 26 1988 ( I know I know I do not look like I am 30 ) Ive always been a outdoors kinda of gal. When I was 11 years old my mother moved us to a Farm. It was magic. At age 18 I packed up and left Ohio on a 7 year adventure that took me from Jacksonville Nc to Myrtle Beach Sc all the way to Linking Park NJ. I was lucky enough to travel around the USA and enjoy so much this land has to offer. Met so many amazing people along the way that Inspired me to become the person I am today!

I started to model at age 21 and have been going strong since then! Modeling is a passion and I love building a new concept each time. I have come up with a few Characters that have their own following.. Such as Ms.Pig The Naughty Nun and everyone's Favorite Copy Cunt ( Ill post a story on how Miss Copy Cunt came about one day so look for it! ) Each time that lens hits me I am ready to say my 1000 words with one photo! I hope to inspire others to keep modeling no matter if it is a Hobby or like me.

Acting fell into my lap. I never in a million years thought I would be on any screen. It all started when I was working for this radio Station called Voice It Radio ( I was on a morning show called Hot Mess In the Morning. It was so much Fun. During that time It was one of my Jobs to find people to bring on to the show. I found this special effects makeup artist Named Ron George ( ) and asked him to be a guest on the show. He joined us and told us about a Movie he was working on Directed by Roger Conners called Rebirth ( A new take on The Night of the Living Dead ) He said they needed Zombies and i jumped on it. I love that movie as a kid and now I can be a zombie in it UMM YES PLEASE .. that was almost 4 years ago and I have been going strong since then !!!! I love acting. Horror is the best .. Fake Blood is my 2nd makeup. I hope to keep Moving forward . Check out my IMDB ( link in my acting part of the website)

Thru my modeling and time in film I wanted to be able to use my voice to help others. And do it in a art form to inspire people.

This is where #AllBoobsMatter started. I wanted to raise Breast Cancer Awareness in both men and women.. And along the way Animals where added to the mix when I met a little pug who had breast cancer.

Thru my film I stepped into the role as writer and Director and wrote two PSA's One Dont Text and Drive and one Dont Drink and Drive . I have many more stories coming to touch base on every thing.


I am in school to be a Event Planner. I had my first taste of it helping Plan a Rave for the radio station i worked for and have my heart set on doing that for a living. I love making peoples days special and it really is a form of art in work.

This is just a little about me. Thank you again for signing up for the site. It means so much to me. Enjoy the page!!!!

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