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The Story Of Miss Copy Cunt

Hey everyone ! I get alot of Questions about a Modeling Character I have named Copy Cunt.

Well sit back and read the whole story. ( Other models name has been changed to bully due to the fact she IS A BULLY )

A few years ago the halloween themed shoot that ALL the models where doing was craving a pumpkin and wearing it on our heads ( it smelled like a basic white girls asshole in there omg.. ) So we where all doing this. Like 9 different models I saw do this shoot, SO I was like heck ya ill do it to. So I did it..!!!!!

Flash forward to a few months later. I was scrolling thru my news feed on a social media site named facebook and I saw this other photographers work and I was blow away. It was a mad max meets unicorn style shoot and I thought to myself as a artist who loves art wow this is different. I like it.. SOOOOO I took the next step and SHARED THE ART FROM ANOTHER PHOTOGRAPHER WHO HAD THEIR WORK PUBLISHED and wrote #goals . Never did I imply I was going to shoot this photo I just said wow this is art that needs to be shared.

Now I laid my little red head down in my bed that evening and closed my eyes grabbed my teddy bear and went to dream land. And the next morning. I woke up and removed my face mask heard the damn birds outside my window as I removed my ear plugs and grabbed my phone. HOLY SHIT I HAD SO MANY NOTIFICATIONS..

SOOOOO BULLY... saw my post ( at this point i had no idea who bully was and did not even know she was a model or anything ) So Miss Bully Made a not so nice post about saying I keep stalking her modeling and copying all her photo-shoots and she made a fact to point out the pumpkin head shoot ( that remember 9 other models did also ) and that she was fed up with me and the final straw was when I shared the unicorn mad max shoot from ANOTHER PUBLISHED PHOTOGRAPHER and she said that I was trying to steal a shoot that she was setting up PRIVATELY with a photographer... And she went on in her public post to say if she ever say me at any group shoots she would "beat my ass in front of everyone"

Okay lets break this down...

*So a model i had no idea who was til this very moment made a post saying i am stalking her........... how can i stalk you if i do not know you..

*then she went on to say I copied her pumpkin head shoot ..... she had a cape on in the woods ... I had on a black dress in the middle of a open field... so different........ but then again how can I copy her shoot when still had no idea who she was....

*also what about the 9 other models ( that after doing my trolling I seen that bully liked and commented how wonderful each models photo was..) .... so what about the 9 other models... hmmm...

*How can she be fed up with me WHEN I HAD NO IDEA WHO SHE WAS... ... sounds as if someone was stalking me..

*How would I been able to find out about PRIVATE thing with you and a photographer... when again I HAVE NO IDEA WHO ARE LADY...

* and last.... how adult is this mother.. and wife... to say she will beat me up at a modeling outlet set up for us to network with everyone... wow.... classy !!!!

So I message Miss Bully and I say hello is there anything you want to say to me. So she went on to yell at me calling me wonderful names.. and at the end of it all she called me a


now that is mic drop to leave the room to.. but here is the thing about dropping the mic. someone is always there to pick it up and keep talking.. SO that is what I did. I made a post about how I do not know this person and I did not copy her etc.. and posted our convo for everyone to see..

And my wonderful fans and friends Oh how I love yall... Yall started to comment #TeamCopyCunt because you know you have to pick sides it is the adult thing to do .... SO this new hashtag gave me a idea...

How do you turn some thing sour sweet... well you add a little redhead sugar..

I took my bullys hurtful remark and OWNED IT LIKE A MOTHER FUCKER!!!

I push Miss Copy Cunt and she has a amazing following because she did the right thing. She took her bullys words and made them powerful.

#TeamCopyCunt stands for Nothing is original , it has all been done twice , it is how you take it make it your own with your own twist and touch that makes it art!

Miss Copy Cunt inspires everyone to stand up to their bullies and also make art with no fear. Since Miss Cunt has come about Models no longer hate on one other for doing the same poses and photographers help other photographers reach their goals . BULLY has since been faded out and it is sad because she has fans but the lesson learned here is do not be a ugly person love and share the love.

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