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Ember Rages

Hey! I wanted to pop by and tell everyone a little about Ember Rages!

I love being funny and telling jokes. I have always enjoyed making others laugh! This is why I started Ember Rages.

How did the idea come about you ask? Well... My producer and I were waiting for our talent to show up to film a music video and we where testing sound and lighting. I just started to rant while filming about something . When we watched the play back to make sure we liked the set up for the talent we could not stop laughing about the rant! So we came up with Ember Rages , a small weekly Youtube rant show staring my big mouth.

With in the first week of the first rant being dropped it was viewed over 300 times and the support for the faceblahbook page went thru the roof. I was blown away that people really liked it. The amount of people who reached out and said they enjoyed the rant and how they could relate just touched me so much. As I said I love to make people laugh. It bring joy to my heart. So the rants where the first step next step is a little stand up . I am going to try out a few small clubs see if I can make strangers laugh.

Im super excited to keep on ranting for yall!!!!


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