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Heavenly Holly

Hey everyone!!!! Just stopping in to tell you about one of my acting Characters!

Miss Heavenly Holly!!!!

Last year I was going thru my facebuttbook feed and came across this status that Daniel A Murphy ( Director and fellow Clown ) asking what kind of deaths would you like to see clowns do? Well I cracked my knuckles and blasted them with about 5 of the worst deaths that I could come up with on the spot. Ohh they where so good!!!! Daniel then tagged his partner Tom Komisar ( Director and Hollys master) in the status and I kept going.

At Some point I messaged Daniel and then it started!!!! He told me that HM&M FILMS ( their company ) was looking to add a new member to their little wonderful fucked up clown family and I SAID UMMMM YESSSS!!!!


Daniel and Tom both talked to me about the role and after seeing some of my other acting and my concept modeling ,they let me create Holly!!! Everything down to what she does dresses even her makeup. She is the only clown to wear face paint and is very colorful. She has two settings only. Child like very friendly loving playful when nice... When naughty she is a nasty rotten little clown who lives in a dog cages and has a jar of the dicks she has taken from the "bad guys" .When I created her Tom wrote her into the script with only one line ... "Naughty or nice " the rest was up to me to show off my New Holly Skills. I had such a blast with being her on set. You really should check out the movie. ( Ill drop the link below to grab your copy)

So now we have filmed it has been edited and now set out to be reviewed.. Holly had such high reviews that being the newest clown. She is very different then the rest of the gang, That HM&M FILMS asked if I would like to film a short on just Hollys back story. I JUMPED ON IT !!! They once again let me write Hollys back story which is a twisted dark Hero story of a little girl who breaks thru so much evil in her life just to have cracked at the end. We are Filming that this fall. I am so excited!!! Tom took Hollys whole back story and wrote the most gripping script, Very different then the SlaughterHouse movies. This movie will make women Love Holly and men scared of her!

Holly has already been welcomed into the homes of many clown lovers and I am beyond grateful that she is loved. Sweet Little Holly will make you fall in love with her even more!

I am super excited to keep going as her! And thankful that HM&M FILMS is such a great supporter of her!!!!

Photo by Angie Maria Photography

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