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Photoshoot and Film Day

Today was a GREAT day for art!! Not only did I create some of the best art I have in a long while but I was lucky enough to do it with my best friend Angie!!!

Art has saved my life so many times and today is just another example of how a dark day can be turned around by having a hobbie or creative outlet. Today in my personal life is a dark day so to turn my day around I decided I was going to do a photoshoot ( well 4 of them ) and Film 5 new rants! Yes some say I over load myself with work but it is better to have to much to do to keep your mind busy then not enough.

Today I shot with my bestie PhotosByAngieMaria on Instagram ( Follow her ) And we shot some of the most amazing stuff. I started the day off wanting to shoot one main thing. My new Character

. A Punk Rock pin up. I thought hmm how can I make this a fun shoot. As I was picking out a outfit three more ideas came to mind that I knew we could pull off today! So After I stuffed the car full of my biggest stuffed animals and All my modeling stuff the adventure started !

After the photoshoot Angie went right off to edit and I hoped into Film mode to work on Ember Rages with editor/Film man Malachi ( the man who makes me even more funny then I already am! ) Five different shirts later 5 new rants where filmed!!!

I am lucky enough to have a support group of artist who are ready to make art at any time. And anywhere! A small bedroom becomes 4 different phtoshoot sets and a small green screen and one simple chair becomes a Ranting Studio! I am thankful for all my supports!!!

#photoshoot #model #photography #art

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