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Shaming is a Shame

I wanted to talk about all the different kinds of shaming there are going on right now.

This blows my mind. I always knew there where bullies and people who put people down but in the last years it has gone from being a almost private matter to a full blown public matter.It seems internet bullies enjoy to shame people so much more nowadays. They can not wait for you to post a photo that YOU feel amazing in to bash it and bring it down. There are so many different kinds of way to shame someone.

Body Shaming..

This effects both men and women. I am going to break this down..

"Fat" shaming

When I see someone post a photo of themselves and comments follow that say

"maybe you should put clothing on"

"maybe you should try hitting the gym"

"have you tried the diets that I sent you"

"Have you thought about wearing baggy clothing to help hide?"

"put down the hamburger pick up a salad"

"maybe you should not super size it next time"

"you look nasty"

"no one wants to see that cover up"

"ewww put clothing on"


This breaks my heart for the person and makes me see the evil in the world...

I do not understand what in any ones right mind gives them the right to even comment something like that. DO you know how hard it is just to human for the day. To be given a body you have to control.. OF COURSE YOU DO BECAUSE YOU DO IT.. you look at yourself every day and find something you do not like.. SO why do you have to have to bully the person who felt good enough to post a photo of themselves?

"Skinny" shaming

"girl eat some meat"

"if you walk behind a pole ill lose you"

"eww i can see your ribs"

"get some meat on your body"

"men dont like skinny girls there is nothing to grab onto"

"your body is just a hanger for clothing"

"you look like a junkie"

"do you throw up your food after you eat it?"


This is insane.. Alot of people work so hard to have the body they want. And some people can not help it if they cant gain weight or if they can not drop weight. All of our bodies are different at the end of the day! Just love yourself and try to fix what you can if you must.

There are so many more topics we can touch one... race.... fitness... slut.... hair makeup clothing cars food home life etc etc etc etc..

This has to stop. Stop looking down on everyone and thinking your shit dont stink. Because it all does.. Just worry about yourself. Keep your rude comments to yourself. If that person is happy being naked dont call them a slut. They are free and proud of their body. If they work out then they want to be healthy.. If they are skinny leave them alone... If they are plus size guess what you dont have to marry them so move on with your nasty comments... Stop trying to destroy peoples happiness

#nomorebodyshaming #antibodyshaming #antibully

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