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April was a wild month!

Hey everyone!!!

I wanted to stop by and give you a April review of everything I did! Being a freelance artist you have to stay working no matter what. You never know when the next project will come along or something will take off. If you are a freelance why limit yourself to one a few projects? I never limit myself. So let me tell you about my month :)

On Easter I spent the day making a nice dinner for my household and cleaning all day. I even took a nice hot bubble bath. Oh it was soo good.. But at some point I stopped and had some special effects makeup done on me for a movie promo photoshoot that I was casted for the Lead of Called FLowers 02!!! I am overly excited to be apart of this movie. If you have not seen the first one... and you love horror blood and fucked up things YOU NEED TO SEE THE FIRST ONE THEN!!!!! FLOWERS !!!!! Looking forward to start filming later this summer/fall

Then I jumped into crew mode and did makeup and hair for a music video. It was pretty neat set up. This whole house was turned into a set. It was something out of the 80's with LSD added. It was wicked. The song was amazing to. Very 80's sounding !!! The makeup and hair came out great to. I love doing things like that so much. It was a long day.. and it was super cold and snowing. Brrr!!!!

The following day after being on set for over 12 hours , I woke up the next day and put on my best eyebrows and Headed to Cinema Wasteland . One of my fave horror conventions . I bought some new art met some new people.. My Flowers role was celebrated!! And I did a amazing interview with Scott Bradley. I cant wait to share that with yall!!!

I did two amazing photoshoots this month. One with My bestfriend Angie. She is a mind blowing model and Photographer. We shot 5 different concepts. Even Created a new Character to my model Lambie the bad Sheep. And Todd Wieder and I ended the month with a amazing 5 concept Photoshoot too. Working with Todd is great! He has such a great eye thru the lens. I love modeling so much and two years ago all I was model with very little filming but now it is the other way around. Filming all the time with very little modeling. But when I do have to chance to model I over work myself and the photographer with ALOT of ideas to shoot.

I filmed two weeks of Bunny for Maximillian The movie. ( last month in march I hurt my hand pretty badly so I had to have a stunt double for this role but Ruby was amazing and did such a great job!!!! ) I love this role. It is all about my face and body language. I have zero Lines in this movie. It was such a powerful feeling to know your face does all the talking for you for a role. I love the whole cast and crew. They are all amazing at what they do . SO many stunts are being done in this movie. It will be action packed!!! This month ( May) I have one more film day as Bunny then I am wrapped But also I will be be in a few different mask and wigs running around trying to kill people.. See if you can spot me!!!!

I started Filming for Tell Your Children a reefer madness remake in which I play Mary Lane the lead. This is a different kind of role for me. I am not a huge fan of playing the girlfriend or girly girl in roles. But this one I had to jump on when the offer came to my door a few months ago. One I am so down with remaking anything cult classic. And two this is a 1936 anti pot movie. I love it!!! I have a great cast. My boyfriend is played by Tim Hale. And my brother is played by Collin Johnson two faces you should know if you have watched my PSA'S. Both outstanding actors. With a whole bunch of people you know and a few fresh faces!!! Looking forward to seeing this one when it is all done.

Movie Promo for Flowers 02

And to end my busy month. This month both of the PSA's I wrote and directed made it into a festival where they both where show cased all weekend. I am overly proud of my cast and crew for both of these!!! I also showed Brads story to my indie club meeting and had a great feed back.

With all of that I worked my normal job and lived thru the stomach bug that took me out for a week. It has been a super busy month. With May falling behind just being as crazy packed!!!!! Thank you to everyone and the huge support!!!

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