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New Ember Rages Rant!! Stranger Danger!!

So this week I talk about something that drives me nuts.. Strangers talking to you while you are shopping!!!!

Oh this drives me crazy.

Then funny story.. ( you have to watch the rant on Youtube Ember Rages to understand this story a little better)

I had a photo shoot this past Saturday and I was at good will seeing there was anything I could model with. I found a few great things which one of them was a see thru long night gown that was all black . I was lucky because it still had the price tag on it. So it was never worn. So I grab a few more things and head to check out. As I was standing in line I am taking the hangers off of the clothing. I am holding each piece up to make sure I really do want it. As we all we while waiting in line. As I to the nightgown I hear this creepy voice behind me go ( and I can not make up with my life what this man said to me ) "That sure is a purrty dress ya got there" ............. Yes he said PURRRTY.... just like it sounds... And when I turned to see the face of the creepy voice it was a creepy older man. He had a chart filled with old things women's clothing a broom a lamp a small end table and a few other odds and ends .. I said thank you and turned around so fast I heard my knees crack .. I could not wait for the line to move any faster. When it was my turn I watched the crashier and waitied for the next person to move in line and I rushed so fast to her to get away from the man behind me. Oh why do stranger think talking to other strangers in such a good idea.. lol

Go watch my new rant on youtube Ember Rages to hear me go on about this subject!!!!

Go wa

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