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Model Safety

Today I wanted to take a moment just to talk about how to protect yourself as a model from different dangers. Every day someone new models and art is being made. But do the models know the rights and wrongs of a professional relationship , how to go about reaching the photographer , and asking the right questions. I want to touch on these just to make models aware!

First thing you must know as a model is what TFP is. In ohio you will see this term used alot. This stands for TRADE FOR PHOTO..

Which means the shoot is non paid and both you and photographer donate your time to make art. You both agree on what to shoot and where. These are great for updating your portfolio or working on a concept.

Also if the photographer has a contact. TAKE THE TIME TO READ IT!!!! Most have different clauses in them. Read it all. Some give you full use of the photos. Some do not.

Which brings me to the list of questions you should always ask when working with a new photographer.

1. May I see your portfolio?

why..... If someone reaches out to you that you have not seen their work before it is important you look at what kind of art they make. They may shoot something you are not looking to add to your port. Be respectful here and let them know that you are not comfortable shoot their style but if they ever have a concept in mind that you would fit please reach out again.

2. How long have you been shooting.

why.... because if you are a newer model you will need direction. Dont be offended. You need to learn your lighting and how to pose your body to what your concept is or clothing you are wearing. I am not saying do not work with this person but know you both will need to learn how to work with one other. Working with a photographer who has experience and good looking port will help your career. Take your time to watch thing on youtube also . Understand how to model it is more then just standing there taking a selfie.

3. Do you have a studio or will be outside?

why..... these are two different beast....

Indoors with a studio you have temperature control , control of lighting, and there is a bathroom. out doors you are in the sun or shade with no restroom or places to change or really any control over wind... Both of these places you can make the best art in the world!!! You just have to be ready to tack these places. Ask where you are shooting and check weather that day ! Plan for outdoors sun screen and bug spray should always be in your bag!!!

4. What kind of things would you like to shoot?

why..... if a photographer is reaching out to you, they are looking to shoot something specific, ( again check their port) This may be a concept that you fit. So ask these mini questions

4a. What kind of set will we have?

4b. Will we need props and if so do I need to get them or will you?

4c. What kind of outfit will I need also again will I need to get this or will you have it?

Once you have these answers you will be ready for set. If you reach out to a photographer have stuff already in mind that you think they would like to shoot. Never show up to the party empty handed it is poor manners. I always have a few things I want to shoot with people but then I bring a "bag of tricks" just tons of random things I have in my modeling closet. After we shoot the concepts we can play around in the bag. My bag of tricks is 99% of all my modeling.

Once you have these answers you will be ready to shoot.. Next step... TAKE SOMEONE WITH YOU ALWAYS!!!!


When you start to work with a photographer again and again you develop a relationship. This is called being a muse.. ( Muse -a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.synonyms:inspiration, creative influence, stimulus; formalafflatus"the poet's muse") When you

get together you make the best art and get a creative high off of one other. This is the most amazing feeling when you get to this level with someone. You just get together and magic happens. It does take a little while to get to this point. You need to learn how to talk to one other about what you want to see come out of the shoot and work together to make it happen. It is never one sided in modeling. It takes two. One to be in the photo and one to take it. You both have the credit. So work together to make it the best. But try to keep it professional. Sometimes we are lucky enough to find a great life long friend out of our work and that is amazing. But do not over step. As a model and as a photographer you do not want no tension while trying to make the art you have your heart set on. Remembering modeling is a job..

Well I think I have pretty much covered everything you need to know to start up. If you follow these rules you will be on your way to a modeling career. Remember you have to protect yourself.You are your own brand and how to carry yourself is how you will be seen.good luck I look forward to seeing art from everyone !!!

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