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My very first Troma film!

Hey everyone!!!! This past weekend I traveled to the land of cornfields known as Indiana to film in my very first Troma film. Wow what a weekend it was!!!!!

I left Ohio on Thursday in the rental with to many snacks and so many songs ready to go on my play list. Long drive there put me in town just in time to say all my Hello's touch up my makeup and head on over to a meeting at a comic book store with the Director Heidi Moore of Wretched Productions for the reason I was there. Kill Dolly Kill . Dolly Deadly 2. We went over the script call times and how I was bringing my character to life. All my co-stars where so much taller then I was and Heidi was a little worried I would get lost in a sea of big hair and high heels. But I surprised her and everyone on set with how tall this little person can make herself! Heidi has such a creative eye when setting up a scene. It is a honor to work under a female Director!!!

But before my meeting with Heidi I had a amazing interview with Stephen Gillhespy with his pod cast cold possessed radio. We talked about everything!!! My rants my modeling my acting everything!!!!!! It is coming soon I can not wait to share it with yall!!! 100% Everyone who is in the horror world should listen to his stuff!!! He has some great guest with tons more coming from this weekend , Because he showed up on set and did live interviews with people!!! Now that is amazing!!!!

Then it was three very long hard days of filming with such a large cast! We had so many different set locations to travel to and Set set ups. We had a food fight with a wedding cake it was amazing!!!! And I climbed all over the hood of a car and licked a window... In fact I had many small stunts that I worked into my Character. Since I am so little next to my co stars. I made sure to stand on everything and climb over everything!!! Three very long days and three very different looks each day.

I Had three different outfits that all had a movie inspired look behind them. Since I was working along side some very talented Real DragQueens, I needed some really cool looks to pop. So I went with three looks. One was a Lost Boy inspired look with a long leather coat and amazing Mohawk. The next day was a Gothic Brittany Murphy from Clueless look with crop top Big hair and a good girl Collar. And the last day was a Queen of the Damn makeup inspired with big hair and a Breakfast at Tiffany style dress.. All three had sexy kick ass boots with leg warmers. I did all my hair and makeup and I am super proud of what I got.

Finally Sunday we wrapped !!! And It was time to get set up for the next small project I was looking to do while I was there. HM&M Films Daniel ,Tom, Harry, and Tony where ready after a long weekend of filming and wrapping a whole movie to shoot the Sweet Little Holly Trailer. This was the first time I directed a set with these guys ! And I can say wow it went to smooth. We where all on the same page ready to go .. They let me take control of this project and I made the small set and blocked it all out for them. Super simple shots That will make you WANT TO WATCH THIS MOVIE.


SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO..... Remember how I told you that Heavenly Holly was getting her own short spin off Sweet Little Holly...... WELLLLLL... It has been decided we are making it a feature!!!! So now I am back into the writing chair to add more scenes and add more cast to this already amazing project. Very excited to Direct again with the Guys from HM&M FILMS. And I am looking forward to working with the new cast members we are adding. Some pretty big names!!!!

That was just 4 days!!!!! And my biggest question is how much hair spray was used thru all of us!!!!!

Look for Kill Dolly Kill Dolly Deadly 2

and Sweet Little Holly coming soon!!!!!!!

The Slaughter Queen Gang

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