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And that is a wrap on Bunny!!!

This year so far has been a wild ride with the many different roles I have played. However the role I just wrapped up has been one of my top favorites !! I was lucky enough to once again Film with Keith Collins on this film Maximillian. He made a live action anime movie with tons of different characters thru the whole thing!

Plot: The secret team of assassins, the Shadows, are put to the test in an ultimate game of survival in a battle royale with each other.

Our training for this movie started last Summer. We all took turns in the gym on Saturday and Sunday learning different stunts, falls, and fight scenes. This was my first time really learning anything like this and wow I am addicted. I was able to work with so many talented trainers and actors. Just being in the gym and watching people learn was amazing. I was able to learn and see in action different kinds of Martial arts. Being in this movie was another blessing for me. I had to get in shape and diet correctly for the role. It put me in the gym and working out at home. Learning how to eat right and be healthy has changed so much for me from my body to my mental health. I really push a healthy life style when asked about it now. I first hand saw a huge change!!

During filming I however broke my hand BUTTTTTT had the chance to work with a stunt double . Ruby Pelley came in and rocked it as Bunny number 2! She only had a few weeks to learn the BIGGEST fight Bunny has in the movie which took months and many people working on it to come together. Bunny fights X and Y and then it is a all out Battle. I am not going to give anything away But the scene took 8 hours to film due to how large it was. Ruby fought the whole time and did so great!!! On top of that she was there filming almost every weekend as different mercenaries thru out the film. I jumped in and filmed the special shots or anything in which you would see my face during the fight . We are all thankful for Ruby!!!!

So like I said I broke my hand during filming and could not fight. HOWEVER... I did get cleared to do some things on my last day filming at this warehouse. So The wonderful Kimberly Root who plays X, thought we could do a side by side look for a Mercenary scene. And that is how the bash sisters came about. I had the pleasure of meeting Kim on at the gym. Funny story I was X to start off but then the role of Bunny opened up and I asked Keith if I could switch. Kim was made for the role of X and I was made for the role of Bunny. Kim has many different fights thru out the movie and she is a trained ax thrower!!! So She doubles as a role in the movie. It is so kool. I was able to do her makeup and switch her style up to hide her face. She did some wild crafty things to a pair of foot ball pads with feathers and a hot glue gun.

This movie is insane and filled with so much action. They have one more LARGE fight to film and then off to editing !!!

I have been wrapped on alot of movies.. but hearing you are wrapped on this set was magic. It was such a long journey where I made so many new friends learned how to defend myself and became so healthy. I cant wait to work on the next Keith Collins Piece.

Check out the trailer on youtube or facebook

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