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The Tree

I have had a few big changes to my life this year and being a artist, I use art to heal. I wrote a short story and would love to share it with everyone.

The tree

Written By: Ember Burns

Edited By : Aeril Sampsel

A little girl was playing in the woods all alone. She was singing a song as she danced through the trees; it was mid afternoon and the sun was high. She could see it peeking through the tops of the trees to shine down upon her. She was dancing around the trees, as if they were people, bowing as she went. In her mind, she was at a castle dancing the night away with the royals. She was hoping to catch the princes eye, and maybe he would fall in love with her. She kept singing and dancing when finally she came to this one tree that, in her mind, was the prince, and he'd finally seen her. The sun shined the brightest down on her and the this tree. She bowed to the tree and the prince bowed back. The song switched to a slower one and as she crossed the dance floor to make her way to her forever love, her prince took an arrow to the heart. She stopped and watched as her love fell to the ground, blood dripping

from his wound. His eyes never left hers. A blast hit the tree that was just seconds before, causing it to catch fire and her to fall to the ground. A storm had moved in without the little girl knowing. And when she was falling in love with her prince, the castle was over taken. Lighting had hit the tree and the arrow killed the prince. The little girl laid on the ground watching her loves lifeless body being run over as people screamed and ran out of the room. The guards were trying to find the man who shot the arrow, and no one had seen the little girl there. The fire spread from tree to tree, igniting quickly as it was autumn. The little girl, still knocked out from the force of the blast, was being surrounded by the fire. No one knew she was there. The rain started to fall heavy but not enough to stop the fire. The room cleared out and it was just her and the prince left. She crawled over to him and picked his head up and she held it in her lap. His eyes were still open and she could not help but cry as she closed his eyes, forever…. but not before kissing her loves lips for the first and last time. The little girl started to cough hard from smoke inhalation, which woke her up; she saw smoke and could feel the fire on her skin. She kept trying to move but it was too hot. Finally her eyesight came to and she saw she was in a circle of wild fire. She moved to the middle and hugged her knees, coughing so hard she could not breathe. She felt the rain, but it was not helping. She looked at up the sky for the last time and took one big breath and stared at the rain falling and watched the lightning. She closed her eyes and joined her prince.

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