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That is a wrap for Raya on DemonBond

This past weekend I had the pleasure of once again working with Capture1 Studios on a fun project!!! I have been waiting to film this project all year!!! Let me tell you how DemonBond came to be!!!

Last year I was apart of my first Capture1 Studios film which is Mental State 2: Revelation where I had my first taste at stunts and a fight scene. It was a blast. I was able to work with some new talent and crew. The location we filmed in was badass to!! It was the workshop they built for The Shawshank Redemption. The location was great!!! We had a long day on set almost 16 hours and we had a early morning the next day so I just crashed in my car in the parking lot for the few hours of sleep I had before filming again. I had the keys to the building in case I had to use the restroom and would be able to get cast and crew in. So I have as I call it little people bladder So I woke up in the middle of the night and had to potty. The person who was in the car with me was sound asleep. Out like a light drooling and snoring. I took the keys and opened the door. He never moved. So I went to the building. It is a opening warehouse turned into a sound stage so I had no idea where the lights are. I used my phone. I found the bathroom but not the lights So I went potty in the dark. Now I am scared of the dark. So as I am doing my thang.. I hear footsteps running to the door, AND they stop I start to yell at the person I was with ( who I had left sleeping in the car) I heard the footsteps turn and run away. I finished what I was doing and rushed back out to the car to yell at the person who thought they where being funny. When I got back to the car the person was still there passed out same spot snorning away drool not moved... I was so scared... did a ghost just mess with me.... The next day I talked to the owner and He said there was someone in the building and they have had little things happen. OMG I YELLED AT A GHOST ....

I was a little freaked out during the day which lead my over active mind to come up with a story. As we wrapped me on that day I was talking to director Matt Erman about the crazy idea I came up with and he loved it.. He wrapped the whole movie and went off to editing at the same time writing the script for DemonBond.

DemonBond is about a group of kids who go to see a fortune teller ... Lets just say the kids are in the wrong place at the wrong time. So much great talent is in the film. Matt and his crew really did a great job getting amazing locations and cast for this project. Alot of young talent coming up for this film. Jason Smith plays the demon and was in full body makeup on a very hot day!!! Victor Belikov , Maddie McNeal and Eric Six blew my mind. These are some great talent coming up!!!! Very excited to share this one when it is done!!!!


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